tugata_200_80The Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA) was registered in May 1999 with 5 founder members. Today there are 73 registered members of the Association, which is a reflection of how mature the Travel Industry has grown.The Association further established a Secretariat in 2006 to better coordinate its activities.

Today, TUGATA has a fully-fledged Secretariat manned by permanent staff.TUGATA’s membership incorporates both IATA and non-IATA members, who have full voting rights and equally participate on all functions of the association, without discrimination.

TUGATA is a member of International professional bodies: UFTAA, FESATA, APJC (Agency Programme Joint Council), and work very closely with our affiliates in Tanzania (TASOTA) and Kenya (KATA).The TUGATA members contribute to the general growth of the Uganda economy by employing approximately 800 persons.

Contact us:

Shumuk House

P.O Box 24438 Kampala

Tel: +256 312 105382

Email: info@tugata.com

Website: www.tugata.com

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